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Головна » 2016 » Листопад » 10 » Perfect Couple
Perfect Couple

A romantic story

  on the establishment of an unusual pair - bits,

  as bases binary notation.

It was so long ago, that was not even hackers.

Who was? No one was not.  So bitterly was thinking, beautiful figure named Units. She was thin and petite. In her a fragile soul raged a huge fire.

Yes, it was the fire of hatred against friends. All of these three, eight others, was the usual old maids and envied. . God, it would be something to envy – six.

             Six was the best girlfriend Nines are.  As she boasted that so similar to a beautiful woman of the entire system.

But nine, in the depths of of the soul was are also an unfortunate and hopelessly in love with zero. But what a it was a zero? Just Zero - a nonentity, let the are running around for zeros, small figures.

Its elect himself was the, An absolute Zero. We note across the letter of the U. Very mysterious and such a cold that the bluntly spirit intercepted the.

With ordinary the zeros better luck our little heroine of. All zeros spun around her so beside and everybody was so awful the same. Well, just no. They are too much promised to marry and make her a millionaire. As it was gone, to link their lives with an empty shell and give birth further the same pacifiers.

Years passed, people as before used the decimal system, but as that so very vulgar. Really use fingers of a hand, where about zero, as it were he was not a negligible, no one mentioned.

Units suffered even more from this unjust system. I'll save zero, I will create your world and it will be perfect. Our little girlfriend then don't guess what it will be and its hereby women's happiness.

So quite suddenly at the beginning of 30 years of the 20th century she marries a complete zero. Among all nonentities, it felt absolute zero was the void. He didn't even have a single gram of alcohol because it lacked and blood. Directly any graven image. And enjoyed absolute contempt among the remaining zeros. For many years she suffered and waited for her happiness, her love them enough for two.

 They completely abandoned the remaining digits. In this world, so that it is on-this ideal must be just me and you.

Full zero was fascinated by her betrothed. Often whispering to her ear: "you are my only". Of course, proudly spoke of the fragile girlfriend, because there is simply no other digits in our world.

 You're my Savior, proudly telling happy zero, I will never forget who saved me from eternal nothingness.

 After a few years in new and closed for the rest of the digits, new figure and moved on. Every year more and more. He brought joy to people, and were proud of their consistency and uniqueness. Finally the little digit found their happiness, which was very close.

 Her world has become so easy, beautiful and great. After all, most recently in her family has  the first Terabyte.

This world, it to become on - truly ideal, should be only Units, and my full Zero, proudly repeated  happy Couple.


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